Foot turns purple ?

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Dr. Abrams: My 13 yr. old niece fell down 4 steps last week.
The family doctor examined her, did not order X-rays but suggested ice at intervals and to wrap the foot in an ace wrap.
It has been 6 days and she cannot put weight on that foot.
Her foot is not swollen or bruised but turns purple at times.
It’s as if someone is cutting off the blood supply from the ankle down.
It also tingles.
At the Drs. office today, he has now ordered crutches for her.
She did wear an ankle air cast when she went to school b/c it felt better for walking.
He told her not to use the air cast and that it probably caused more damage.
The purple occurred after swimming or after standing at times even without the air cast on.
The Dr. still doesn’t feel an X-ray is warranted.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,Kathy



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    : Have you considered another opinion?Dr. Abrams: My niece has an appt. with Sports Medicine in our area. Thank you for your time and the suggestion!

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As I have not examined your niece, my advice is a guess. Based on the type of injury and continued pain, I certainly would consider an X-ray. If there is significant pain, immobilization is gennerally a good idea. I think that is why we have pain- so if we ever listened to our bodies, we might get better quicker!Have you considered another opinion?


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