Foot & ankle numb, swollen feel, skin tightness.

About 2 years ago I first experienced complete numbness in lower right leg associated with herniated L4-5 disk. I was diagnosed by X-ray and MRI and underwent lumbar traction and exercise therapy which diminshed back pain and lower leg numbness. When Medicare ran out I was able to continue weekly lumbar traction treatments with a chiropractor for the past year. Numbness in the lower leg from the knee down dissipated. I still have a sensation in the toes as if they are swollen though they are not. There is also a sensation of skin tightness along the outer edge of the foot and ankle, again no swelling. There is no weakness or loss in range of motion. Progress of improvement seems to have stopped, and similar condition has begun to a lesser degree and extent in the left foot. There is no pain. However, sometimes at night in bed I experience severe cramping of calves, feet, and toes, which is painful. Repositioning of legs usually brings relaxation and relief of the cramps. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes. I have annual medical exams that include extensive blood work which I think would show diabetes if present. Is this condition likely to be the persitent remnant of the spinal cord pressure of teh herniated disk or might there be some other cause I should look for with a foot doctor? Or is there another specialty I should seek for help towards understanding the treatment and prognosis

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From your description, I am suspicious of continued nerve involvement. I suggest you see a neurologist.


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