Football Knee Injury

About 2 months ago while playing football I was shooting at goal from an angle and as I wrapped my left foot around the ball I twisted my knee,tried to carry on but soon ended up on the floor with a pain to the left of my knee,feeling like something had clicked.A few hours later and next day knee was very stiff and swollen also felt side of knee click.Have been to the orthopedic specialist who says my ACL is fine but recommends a MRI scan.Still unable to run or think about playing football,knee is still stiff on left side and aches along joint line especially after knee has clicked or ‘catching’ sensation on that side.Quads were very stiff but better now as im cycling and doing physio work .I think its a meniscus injury which would require surgery for me to play again,is this true ? Can anyone help with diagnosis.A frustrated sporsman….

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