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I was playing football about 2months ago and got an mild kick on my right foot (ive had a lot worse than this and been fine!) But as soon as I moved my foot I felt pain. I managed to walk as long as I twisted my foot so that I’d walk on my little toe.
I was told it was bruised it would get better but 2 weeks on it was still sore. I have since been told it was a dislocated navicular and a fracture (but xray said it wasnt). I can now walk but pushing off from the ball of my foot makes the inside part of my arch hurt and kicking a ball if it hits the top of my foot is painful too.Sometimes it aches and if I spend all day on my feet its very tender by the end of the day. Its driving me mad, I just want to play football and although I know I physically could play a game, afterwards my foot swells and I can’t walk again. Anyone got any ideas what this is?
Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I suggest an MRI which will give more information than just an x-ray. Talk to your doctor about getting one. Then go from there. Good luck.


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      is this the kind of thing you want??I’m sending this from the ebay email address, but reply to overtony.Loveyvonne x


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