Foot/toe pain – marathon runner

I am in training for my third marathon (one a year), coming up in January.
I am suddenly experiencing a weird pain.
It has at least similar affects as plantar fascitis, i.e. very tight in the morning.
But the more I read, PF seems more in the heal.
I am feeling almost an electrical sensation in my toes, and pain across the arch.
I ran my first trail run about a month ago – lots of tree roots, etc. – overstrained my calf – but that seems to be better.
I think my foot injury started in that time frame.
I have no heel pain at all.
More in the forefoot/toes and inside arch.
I am thinking metatarsalgia?
Any thoughts/recommendations?
BTW, I wear custom orthotics (from my sports chiropractor).

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without ewxamining you, I can not say for certain. You might have a nerve entrapment such as a Morton’s neuroma or even tarsal tunnel syndrome. When you see a podiatrist, I recommend you bring your running shoes and orthotics.


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