foot-toes numbness

the big toe on my left foot has had a numb area for a couple of years, but caused no problem– saw no dr. sept 03, bottom ball pad and all toes went numb over 2 days–tingling like asleep–difficulty walking then left hand, last 2 fingers. referred to neurologist. MRI showed no ms. tests showed slowed electo activity in areas also some muscle deterioration in foot. tests showed no diabetes or other discernable etiology. hand returned to normal, foot problem persists. podiatrist thinks may have osteochondroma (family history), recommends 2nd mri. need additional input.

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    wow — I’ve had left foot numbness for @ 3 years — “wrap-around” numbness of the center of the foot — 3 years ago a lower back MRI was “normal” — lived with it — I recently noticed that left hand === little finger and next digit were feelong numb, mainly at night — and my left leg seemed to miss the first step a few times — recent neckMRI and brain CT scan and chest MRI ——— but no “significant” findings — appointment wit a neurologist in late June ————- I had cervical spine surgery for stenosis in1998 — but the docs say the nerves that go to the foot don’t go thru cervical spine — my left hand is weaker than right — so let me know what the outcome is on your side — I’ll do the same


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