Forefoot Pronation

My daughter has been diagnosed with Forefoot Pronation.
Can you tell me what that means and how PT will help the pain.
We took her to an orthopaedist because of pain in her knees and discovered the problem lay with her feet and not her knees.
She is also supposed to get orthotic inserts for her shoes, I just don’t really know much about this condition and what can be done for it.
She’s very active in marching band and colorguard where they do a large amount of body work that is very strenuous on her knees and feet.
When we took her to her first PT appointment, the therapists told us she had almost no flexibility in her feet and hips so she had to work on that before the PT and orthotics would help the forefoot pronation problem.
Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Biomechanics can be confusing, and I am not sure what the PT was trying to tell you. It is well known that pronation can cause the patella to not track properly and can cause knee pain. The causes of pronation can vary though. I would do a gait analysis. Orthotics also vary from prefabs to custom made. You can consider seeing a podiatrist to get another viewpoint.


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