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I am currently a student in radiologic technology and I am doing a case study on a patient that presented with a needle imbedded in her foot.
The needle had been in there for several years and had caused bone remodeling of the fourth metatarsal.
She had surgery to remove the foreign body and also they removed the fourth metatarsal.
I am researching the affects of having a foreign body in the foot after several years and also treatment after the removal of the metatarsal and haven’t been able to come up with too much information on the subject.
I was just wondering if you know of where I could go to find this information or if you could help me out on what happens to the bone after having a needle in there for years and treatment after removal of metatarsal.
Thank you for any help you could give me on this matter.Sincerely, D.Meehanemail–[email protected]

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I have removed a number of foreign bodies from feet in my 28 years of practice. I am not understnding why the 4th metatarsal had to be removed in this instance. Can you clarify. From your initial descriptiuon, it seems quite severe.


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