Former McKinney Patient? Numb Foot

Hi Dr. Abrams,Was Googling for some info on a nagging post-running issue and saw this board…wonder if you’re the same MD who fitted me for orthotics back in the early 90s!
:o)I have a quick question: after running, whether I rest for six weeks or three months and take it up again, the same issues crop up:- I have an incredibly tight (left) Achilles Tendon despite stretching, ice, etc.
It takes up to a week to return to normal.- My left foot goes numb and cold…almost like a “carpal tunnel” affect.
It is usually 30 minutes after I stop running and it will take a day before feeling fully returns.- I can “feel” the tissues from mid calf to a point below the Achilles Tendon move when I rotate my foot around.- The outside of my left ankle, which suffered a severe sprain in 1995, “aches” and feels swollen while the numbness exists.Orthotics, changes to running form/posture/gait/etc., different shoes, etc., don’t help.
I’ve been experimenting for the last 10 months with various tricks to no avail.
I know you’ll probably recommend that I stop running for good, which I think was your advice when I first saw you back in 89 or 90.
(Ok, I should have listened!) But, do you have any medical definition of what the problem might be?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    When I get back to the office, I will check to see the records, although after more than 16000 patients, we had to gleen some. when we move we simply don’t have room to store them all. I have benn in McKinney since 1983. So I am likely who saw you back then. My advice also sounds like what I would say then and say now. Try biking. It is alot less traumatic on the foot. Tarsal Tunnel syndrome is a possible diagnosis. This can be due to several things impinging on the posterior tibial nerve.


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