fourth toe corn?

I went to my Dr. on Wednesday. I had a hard spot on the bottom of my fourth right toe. I had pain in the toe area as well as my ankle. He said I had a corn. And that my ankle was hurting because I was walking different. He said to buy some Dr. Scholl corn remover and If I was not better in two weeks to come back. I applied the remover. It is a disc with salicylic acid. Today is now Saturday and the pain is alot worse. The toe throbs. Elevation gives it some relief. My question is: Does it get worse before it gets better? And what else can I do to help my toe heal?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am not a fan of Dr Scholl’s corn remover. I have too many patients who end up like you or worse. You need to see a podiatrist ASAP. Good LuckVivian A DPM


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