fracture calcaneus/Ankle bone fractrure

: : hello doc,: : I fractured my calcaneus on june10, 2012 jumping off a wall and landing on concrete. I went to the doctor who saw me and said he said it will take 2 months from date of injury to heal. after that when my plaster got removed off, then my doctor adviced me start movement but unfortunatly it was not recovered till then that I come to know after one month of plaster removingthen again doctor done plater on my feet for 4 week, but still after one year over I feel very penik at same place. doctor pls advice me

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First you need to be X-rayed and possibly even a CT scan or MRI. There can be several possibilities- a non union, the fracture healing in the wrong position, subtalar joint arthritis are several things that might be considered. The fact that you still have pain means something is wrong- go see another doctor.


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