fracture fifth metatarsil

I have fractured my left foot 5th metatarsil for the second time.
My doctor said the first time, and again, this is fracture is not typically treated with a cast but rather a rigid sole boot.
The first time I had a “delayed union,” meaning it just didn’t heal after 6 mos.
The Doc put a screw in, took it out after 6 mos. and the bone was fully healted.
The latest fracture occured in a different place, the old fracture was fine.
It happened while I was in France and two Doctors there were astonished that it wasn’t put in a cast the first time.
Has anyone else been told that a metarsil fracture is not generally treated with a cast?
It makes sense to me but everyone is/was astoninshed that I didn’t have a cast.

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    I have a rigid sole walking boot on for my 5th metatarsal fracture as I type. You do not have to cast (according to my physician) these fractures, but there needs to be some sort of immobilization (such as the boot). Maybe the doctors in France are behind the times.


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