Fracture my wrist about 6 weeks ago and…

and I am not sure if I’m taking care of it right. The fracture occured about 6 weeks ago while riding a mechanical bull. I went to my doctor immediatly and was told it was most likely a sprain, so I never bother with an x-ray. I wore a tensor bandage for about 2 or 3 weeks and then stopped. A few more weeks passed an I noticed it was not getting any better so I went for an x-ray. It was fractured below the pinky. Fortanetly, I kept good enogh care of it and the fracture is undisplaced, so it seems to be healign correctly. I am wearing my tensor bandage again, but im not sure if thats enough. Should I get a cast or bracer? Or should the tensor bandage be good enough? Is there anything else I should do to speed up the healing process?


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    Just guessing here, but if you’ve managed for 6 weeks and haven’t displaced it, I wouldn’t have thought a cast would be needed!! Just keep care of it how you have been. After 6 weeks a vast majority of the healing would have been done anyway.

    But if you are in any doubt or still worried it go and ask more questions.

    Good luck,


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