Fracture on the back of mt ankle and treatment options

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On July 15th I mistepped and fell approximately 3 feet, landing mainly on my right leg/ankle. I could not walk on it initially, took everything I had to keep conscious and not to vomit. Immediately l iced it and elevated it. Called my chiropractor and had xrays done withing 3 hours. We did not take a lateral view and I was sorta walking on it at that time. All looked normal and I went to work on crutches for the next 4 weeks, walking on it some after 3 weeks. The swelling never went down much, never did it bruise, and pain was minimal, but I do have a high pain tolerance. I was elevating and icing it every night to reduce swelling. At 4 1/2 weeks, at my Boss/Veterinarians insistance, I went in for more Xrays. Took a lateral view this time and there is a definite fracture, not displaced, on the back side of my Tibia. Went to Minor emergency clinic a few days later and got it splinted and was told to see an orthopedist ASAP. After four plus weeks, with me walking on it, is it necessary to put a full cast on it? l am very heavy and cannot walk without putting some weight on it unless it is not casted. Balance is also a problem for me with the plaster splint and since getting the plaster splint l have fallen a few times. I know that cannot be good for healing. l just want to heal the fastest and safest. Any ideas as to my options? Thanks, Kathy


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would need to see an x-ray of the fracture to see if adequate healing had occurred in order to allow you to advance to weight bearing.Have you been seen by an orthopedist or podiatrist yet?


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      Thank you very much for the reply. After falling 3 times while using the splint from the minor emergency clinic I went back to the 4 ace bandages that I was utilizing before I found out it was broken. I am getting a wheelchair today that hopefully will allow me safer transport. I have not yet seen an Orthopedist and/or Podiatrist but am only 4 hours from you and have my Xrays with me. I plan on calling the office tomorrow and see if I would be covered. Another thing found on my Xrays is a large, according to those who saw the xrays, heel spur. Didnt know I had it and they also felt like it needed to be dealt with. Looking forward to speaking with you further, Kathy


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