Fracture united Still Swollen?

I am curious to know two things.1: My big toe fracture has finally united 5 weeks on yet it still remains swollen, the swelling is going down very slowly, is this right?2: Being that I have fractured my toe once, will this bone be as strong as it was before the break, since its healed up?
Thank you for all your help

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The amount of time for a fracture to heal varies widely from person to person and the location and stability of the fracture. 5 weeks is not a huge amount of time to expect a bone to heal. We are way too impatient with our injuries. Just because there is bone callus noted on x-ray does not mean complete healing. The inside part oif the bone is still healing. It will be months. I always tell my patients they will still swell and know the weather changes for many months after I discharge them.
    As far as it being stronger, that depends if the fracture healed in the best possible position.


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