Fractured 5th metamarsal – JONES FRACTURE

I fractured thirteen days ago and see the Dr. for second time in four more days.
I am in a walking cast to be worn 100% of time – no pressure – I sleep in it.
I worry all the time I am not doing things right though I take it slow and stay off of it.
He said very high possiblity of surgery but to try to heal first.
Do you have tips on how to heal and not break and pin it?
It is hard to feel the walking cast is doing any good – I use crutches 100%, only take walking cast off for baths and a little ankle movement so doesn’t stiffen.
I am 48 YO female.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is true that Jones’ Fractures of the 5th metatarsal are extremely difficult to heal on their own. If the fracture is in good position, then immobilization is the first step. If Xrays do not show appreciable bone callus formation (healing) then surgery might be recommended. I have used bone stimulators on patients with this fracture who are not good surgical candidates for one reason or another. It still takes a long time to heal. You need to be patient and follow your doctor’s advice and hope for the best.


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