Fractured ankle-fibula

Hello all. Quick question regarding an ankle fractre. 3 weeks ago I had a dirtbike accident, which lead me ot the er, then in turn to the ortho to find out I have a fractured fibula in my ankle. that was 3 weeks ago. the doctor said it wasn’t bad enough for a cast or surger, so he gave me a walking boot, and crutchs, and said after two weeks I most likely wouldnt need the crutches, and to begind exercising it(bike, rotating it, stretching etc) last week, two weeks after the initial fall, I fell down a step wearin the boot, and had it re x-rayed. it moved slightly, but not enough to require cast or surgery. The doc said it probably put my back a week in progress. SO here I am, a week after that minor fall, 3 weeks after the intial crash, what should I begin to do to gain strength back in the ankle. the swelling has gone down dramatically, and before I had that minor incidnet, I was starting to walk and place weight on it. after that little fall I lost the flexibilty, but am starting to gain it back. what do you guys recomend I do. I go back to the ortho in 2 weeks to hopefully get cleared to be normal. originally he said it should take 4-5 weeks to heal. btw I am 21 and im in pretty good shape—-or was I should say!!

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    Robert I know how you feel! I fell in a ravine while hiking and broke my fibula too. Also, as a nice added bonus I was a good mile from my car! While dragging myself through the woods- I wasn’t on a path, I apparently dragged my foot through some poison ivy! To make it even worse it didn’t show up until AFTER my cast was put on. So not only am I getting flabby, I going crazy from my itchy foot! Best of luck getting back on your feet, and staying there this time around!


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