Fractured cuboid

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I have a question. Almost 5 weeks ago I broke my cuboid bone on my left foot. I have spent 4 weeks in a fiberglass cast (non-weight bearing) to my knee. Last week I got a boot/aircast. I am to begin putting 25% of my body weight on it this Sunday.
I have noticed that it is still swollen and bruised looking although it is way better than to start with. I have been told to do these exercises dour times a day (writing the alphabet with my foot).
The last xray showed bone formation and it looked very good to my ortho.My question is how log will my foot look so different as the other one with the swelling and discoloration? Also it burns a little in the heel and towards my toed on the underside at times, I am hoping it is just from starting to move it again and nothing serious.Any input would be appreciated. It has never really hurt since the break, it just feels uncomfortable at times and tingles occasionally, I am just scared of it taking any longer to heal. Thank-you


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