fractured fibula

i had fracturdmy fbula in a soccer game abou a month ago and the physical therapist had told m to go ahead and tryout for my high school socer team monday the 18th but I had tried running on it last night but I could only lst mile before I was in too much pain and I don’t wanna over do it and push it and mess it up again what do I do?????

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    Andy,A typical fibula fracture (mid-shaft, non-displaced) takes most adolescents between 5-6 weeks to heal. Since it is mostly a non-weight bearing bone, you can usually go back to running when it is non-painful…that is the key; do not run until you can do so without pain! If you ignore the pain, you risk delaying the healing, or even possibly making the injury worse. Since you are probably close to being healed, I would strongly suggest that you wait a bit longer, and not run until you can walk-jog-run-sprint without pain. Also, you should have the PT make a special protective pad to fit over the site of the fracture, so that you will be protected when you get kicked (and you will) playing soccer. Many soccer shin guards (especially the smaller, lighter ones used by forwards) do not adequately cover the fibula. If you team has access to a Certified Athletic Trainer, that is the specialist that you need to be seeing for this particular injury. Please let us know how you make out, and good luck. [email protected]


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