fractured scaphoid

HI I desperatly need some advice. Four months ago I was playing football (in goal) and I saved a shot which bent my wrist back and fractured my scaphoid bone in my left wrist. This fracture has only been diagnosed recently as the doctor said it was no broken. I have been told that the fracture is a non union and will not heal without surgery. If I have surgery how long till I can go back and play football (concidering I may have considerable force on my wrist) after the op. If I don’t have the op is it likley that I am going to get athritus which will put an end to all sports. I really need advice as I am hping to be a PE teacher and I need as much function in my wrist as I can get. Please help!!!

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    Dr Simon R

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    yer, u r gunna get arthritis in the wrist definatelly 100% but u can play football in about 6 months after the opperation.
    Dr Simon R


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