Fractured scaphoid Surgery??

I fractured my scaphoid 4 mounths ago however due to the fact that the doctor said it was not broken just sprained it has only just been diagnosed. I play soccer (goalie) to a fairly high standard and I participate in a lot of sport which involves the use of my wrist. I have not had any treatment for my wrist as I have been told the fracture is a non union, and can only be fixed with surgery. Is there anyone who has had surgery on a non union scaphoid fracture and whats the prognosis, will I be able to play at the same level. Secondly if I don’t have the surgery I am aware that I will get arthritus in the wrist, do any one know how long this will take to become symptomatic.

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    Just saw this posting, so I am sure you have done more research by now. Anyway, I am much farther along than you (I broke mine almost two years ago), and I am yet to have surgery since it wasn’t diagnosed correctly until a few months ago. The sad part, I have found (from talking to Ortho surgeon uncle and my own surgeon), the type of break we have is not good, and only when caught early, is it CLOSE to 100% healable. The blood flow to the spot is so poor that it very rarely heals on its own. Surgery is inevitable…if you haven’t had it already by this point (Jan. 14, 2005). Arthritis now may occur regardless of surgery; without surgery, I am told it could be developed within 5-10 years. I fear I am headed for that, and I am only in my early 20s. Anyway, hope this helps. FYI: I hurt my wrist playing goalie for my indoor team, too. Go figure, huh?


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