fractured tib and fib.

I fractured my tib and fib in right leg 19 months ago. I had surgery to insert pin, it was removed April 03, I am Armed Forces and training at present. I was in rehab for 18 months until they took out pin. Now I am back in training and knocked my right leg against the metal on bed.
It feels very tender where I knocked it, and when I press on it, it feels like a bruise, there is also a small lump. When I run I can feel a niggle there. It has been like this for approx 5 weeks, and is not getting any better.
Physio in Army said it was probably a bruise, and that it would take months to for pain to go.
Is this normal for this pain to stay for so long on my bad leg? Or do I have another injury, and is it possible to develop a stress fracture from a knock?If I speak to physio in Army I will jeopaardise my career, which I don’t want. Please advise. Many thanks


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