Freibergs Disease 3rd Metatarsal

HiCan anyone help with information regarding Freibergs disease, my 20 yr old daughter had an untreated 3rd metatarsal injury some 18 months ago – where diagnosis was overlooked, & 6 months later went back to the hospital with the same systems which were then diagnosed as 3rd matatarsal injury resulting in plaster cast of foot only for the following week on seeing another doctor was told the cast was of no use and subsequently removed & required no further treatment.
Some 2 weeks later again in severe pain Freibergs disease was then diagnosed by another doctor who was annoyed that the plaster cast was removed which had resulted in further injury and correction could only be made by surgical procedure to correct the untreated injury.
This has resulted in a synovectomy & cheilectomy of the 3rd metatarsal head.
I am enquiring to find out if the onset of Freibergs disease & subsequent operation requirements is due to neglect by not being diagnosed on the initial injuryExtremely grateful if anyone can helpMany Thanks

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While I can understand your concern, your post sounds like a solicitation for legal advice. I would point out the disclaimer on this site and can not give you what you seek. You might call your local podiatric medical society and ask for a referral.


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