freiburg’s disease

please could you give me some advice my daughter started with pain in her left foot just before last christmas and has since been diagnosed with freiburgs disease. recently she has been complaining about her right foot hurting in the same place as her other we can find no information about freiburgs anywhere and the doctors at the hospital don’t know much about it, is it possible for freiburgs disease to spread to the other foot we haven’t had her back to the hospital yet also please would you be able to let us have some information about it as it has been going on a long time and not really inproving the hospital says there is an op that they might do but it isn’t very successful I would really appreciate the help

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If you will go to google and type in Freiberg’s infraction you will see a list of sites with much helpful information. I must say this is one of those mysteries we can’t really explain why it happens. Good luck.


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