Friend Back Cracking

I’ve always been really really skeptical of people doing the back cracking move where they come up behind eachother, lift eachother up and crack their spines. A guy I work with asked me to do this to him and I told him no, because I didn’t know how.
He said he’d show me but promised he wouldn’t actually crack my back, he would just show me where to put my hands.
Then he actually cracked my back as a joke.
Immediately I heard something pop and had the most unbearable pain right in my spine in between the shoulder blades. Also, I had an immediate shortness of breath.
I waited a few weeks,and finally went to a chiropractor who tole me I had a dislocated rib.
He gave me several adjustmants, and after about a month, with no improvment I gave up and went to an MD.
They took x rays and told me that I had a broken rib, but the rib they indicated isn’t where the pain I’m feeling is.
Now, almost 4 months after the original incident I’m still unable to take a full, deep breath, and even thought the pain is almost gone, sometimes it throbs.
anyone have any idea what this guy did to my back, and what I can do? The Chiropractor I saw was no help, and apparently, neither was the doctor.

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    Dude sue the guy who did that to you. that isnt right.


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