Frustrated with ankle injury

last week i was skating and after landing from off a rail the toeside of my back foot slipped off my board, and because i was rolling and still absorbing shock from the landing, my foot was twisted outwards and upwards. immediatly i felt pain shoot up the ouside of my leg along my shin, and pain at the back of my ankle. when i arrived home i commenced the R.I.C.E. treatment for about 3 days. i cam now walk on my foot with very little pain, but as soon as i try to quicken the pace eg. jog, hobble etc. i feel pain up the ouside of my shin and my ankle goes very weak. please help me i want to know what i have done, what i can do to help it recover properly so that i won’t have a permanently weak ankle and what sort of activities i can do while it is healing without damaging it. i have a 15 min walk to college 4 days a week and i film skateboarding which requires me too roll on my board and push with my back foot, which at the moment is very painful.

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