Fulkerson osteotomy

Can someon out there please help me, I am 7 weeks post op from having a Fulkerson osteotomy, all was going well, and I was weight bearing as tolerated, going to physical therapy as I was supposed to, and then last night I started to have extreme pain right where the screws were put in, all the way down my shin, and when I put weight on my leg, it feels as though I am just at the beginning for the healing process again, I think I heard a pop right before the pain, but I did not pay much attention to it, I know I may have refractured the surgical site, but was jsut wandering if anyone else has had this problem? thanks, Lori

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    Hi Lori, sorry to hear you are having a problem. I don’t really have any info FOR you but could use some FROM you! My 16 year old daughter had this surgery 6 days ago and is frustrated with the amount of pain she has. Doc told her she could go back to school on Monday after the Friday surgery but she couldn’t, attempted Wednesday and has had extreme pain since. She can’t even lift her foot off the floor because she has not quad strength and tons of swelling. Any encouraging words?


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