fulkerson osteotomy

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I had a fulkerson osteotomy 8 weeks ago, along with microfracture of a trochlea lesion.
I am having trouble with severe pain at the screw site and radiating down the tibia.
I am also having a severe pinching at the top of my calf almost behind the screws.
The pain is keeping the quad from kicking in (although I am riding the exercise bike 3 times a day and doing quad sets).
My PT office has never seen my procedure, my doctor is 2 hrs away and I feel like I am battling this blind with no help. Any suggestions or insight are appreciated, as my pain is horrendous with weight-bearing. Thanks.

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    You’ll be okay… I come from a long line of genetic mess-ups. My great-grandfather had to get a Fulkerson’s, my mother when she was 13 had to get the 70’s version of a Fulkerson’s (with a knee cap replacement), and just 2 1/2 weeks ago I had to get one!! I hope that you turn out okay!


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    I sure understand your pain. As I had a Fulkerson Osteotomy on both knees 3 an 4 yrs. ago. I am no Dr. by far put sympathize with you. I had the same type of pain and I’m hoping you don’t have the same issue I did. I had been walking for 2 yrs with a broken pin in my leg for nearly 2 yrs before the Dr. believed my pain enough to do something about it. Now mind you I had moved out of state and had to find a new othopedic sugeon but thank God I did. the pins didn’t hold the bone they had to cut to lift the tendon. He had to do a bone fusion an when he removed the 2 pins an I had my 3 week follow up he took xrays an now I have 2 new pins and half of one of the others still in there. The pain I felt though is so similar to yours that its almost scary. I even walked on the fractured leg the 2 yrs but also hiked misery ridge at Smith Rock State park you should look it up its unbelievable that I walked any trails they have but more so the misery ridge path I made it all the way up an down an around Smith Rock. Its in Terrobonne Oregon. My surgery was done by a surgon at Desert Orhtopedics. I had been with them for all 11 surgeries. My arthritis was the cause to em all. My knee also still grinds. So just keep doing your therepy on your knees an when you see the Dr. ask for xrays on it. If they are fine have them do an MRI if possible the images come out funny because of the pins but if xrays show nuttin then maybe it’s a nerve damage going on. like pinched or torn somthing or bent pin. So much can go wrong with these surgeries. Put Ice 20 mins then heat for 20 mins do this 2 or 3 times an use something like Bengay Ultra or icyhot, while ice packen an heatpaddin. it helps. also maybe see about either a new type of pain med or stronger dose. I use Hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/325 how ever I had 10/325 for awhile I been on Hydaros for so long I was feeling all my pains. my back I had 2 failed fusions I have slipage of my spine again an nuttin they will or can do until it fractures again. GOOD LUCK and hope the ice an heat switch helps. it does for me but I also have a T.E.N.S. Unit thats portable. I got addicted in pysical therapy yrs ago. an I love it. you should look into that at your next PT. they usually have one they can let you use for like 15 mins. Some insurance will cover one. mine did an I had Oregon Health Plan an Disibility.


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