Full tendon tear in shoulder

My husband is a truck driver and he was rolling up the landing gear a little over a week ago and hurt his shoulder. They did an MRI last Wednesday and I just found out that is is a FULL TENDON TEAR. They are sending him to a orthopedic specialist. What I wanted to know is… What exactly is it? Also in 1997 he had surgery on the same shoulder, They cut off part of the scapula because it was too long and was affecting his range of motion. Could the company he works for refuse workmans comp because of this previous surgery? Thank you

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    May PT

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    A full tendon tear is just that…a full tendon tear of one of the muscles connected to the shoulder. Most likely one of the 4 rotator cuff muscles. Tendons cannot repair themselves, only can be repaired by surgery. You need to call workers comp re: your other question regarding compensation. Good luck, Mya PT


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