Fusion of left ankle and loss of use of left foot.

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I have been diagnosed with severe DJD of my left foot and ankle joints, secondary to trauma and osteomylitis.
Had Tib-Fib-Femur compound fractures.
My left ankle has had a second triple arthrodesis.
It is solid.
But I must wear a brace so my foot will stay rigid due to the severe amount of pain.
The VA suggests amputation for pain control. I have had 25 operations.
I have a question though.
I have been rated totally and permanently disabled by the VA do to my disabilities and unemployability.
In my rating it says the left lower extremity is for standing weight bearing only. That is the only function the foot has.
I cannot rise on the left foot, or pronate or supinate.
I obviously cannto propel or balance myself on the left foot.
I am in some real need of advice or where to go for info.
I just about meet the requirements for an adapted housing grant, the qualifying statement from the govt. says, the loss or loss of use of one lower extremity together with the residuals of organic disease or injury which so effect the functions of balance or propulsion as to preclude locomotion without the use of a cane, brace, wheelchair or crutches.
Now, I am issued a brace, cane and wheelchair, and crutches.
A new brace was just issued.
They said even though I have loss of use of one lower extremity, I do not have other organic disease or residuals from injury to qualify.
Well, what is the ankle fusion?
The chronic osteomylitis? Muscle flaps?
Bone grafts?
The VA rating board, the one that is telling me I do not have the residuals, said in 2019 that I am rated 30% disabled on residuals alone.
Based on what I have told you, do you think I meet the qualifications?
Can you tell me where to turn?
I really nee the grant to get my shower fixed so I can get in and out without falling, which I have done on sveral occasions.
I really thank you for your time.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    AS you have discovered, disability ratings are confusing. I quit doing them years ago. I have sent people to see a Physical Medicine Specialst or Physiatrist for the disability rating. Surely your doctor knows who to send you to for help. If not, then see if there is an Ombudsman who acts as a patient advocate with the disability board.


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    : I had a Lt. foot subtalar athrodesis in March of this year, I had 2 screws. The one screw was too long & went to the outer side of my left foot causing pain on the nerve & my little toe feeling numb. In Aug. I had that screw removed, but I continue to have pain in that nerve when I stand very long & my little toe continues to be numb. The MD states only time will tell if this is a permanent condition or not. Is this right? I need to go back to work, but I’m unable to work like this. Thank you for helping me in this matter.


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