Fx Calcaneous

I shattered my heel and had, what I believe was called, an external open fixation of my right calcaneous.
In other words, I had a screw put in through my heel.
The screw was taken out at 6 weeks.
It’s been a total of three months now and I am beginning to bear weight with an aircast boot.
I have two more weeks of this before I begin to attempt to walk without aid.
I would like to know how long it will be before I can expect any sence of normalcy in walking? How much pain is normal? How long does physical therapy last?
Should I ever expect to have full movement of my ankle and be able to bear normal weight on my heel?
Will it ever stop hurting? Does the swelling ever go away?

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    Hello Nancy.Just been reading about your fracture, just thought i’d let you know the pain will go but it just takes time . I also broke my calcaneous bone in four places, it took about 6 months before I was walking again without crutches, its been about 13 months now and I’m fine most of the time, I joined a gym shortly after I could walk just to gain movement and build up my muscles again. I.m planning to run the London marathon in april 2015,who would have thought . Hope you have a speedy recovery.


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