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what is the percentage of weight distribution in the foot? I mean in toes,forefoot and ankle during standing?which leg do you put first-the fractured leg or the sound leg when doing partial weight bearing?and the rehabilitation exercises following Bi-malleolar fracture of ankle?Can you please send me these as early as possible. Thank You.

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    When performing partial weight bearing (I’m assuming your using bilateral crutches or a walker), you advance the affected limb with the assistive device…for example….while your stepping with the affected side you swinging your crutches too…then when you step on the affected side your crutches are on the ground. I would say step with your affected side first upon take off. In regards to the gait thing….look up “gait cycle” on the internet and there is loads of info. The rehab will consist of range of motion, isometric exercises at first moving onto isokinetic exercises, joint mobilization, balance activities…good luck, Mya


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