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Can you please recommend an appropriate shoe support to help alleviate the following pains please. I am male, 50yo, and enjoy my tennis.Virtually all of my foot pain (not that great) is sport related – particularly tennis. And usualy the discomfort is after the event, rather than in the heat of battle.1. My feet just get really tired & feeling bruised all over – especially underneath.2. The arch around the in-step gets very sore when I cool off. It has a really knotted & tight for days in the region where the inner face of the feet rolls around into the arch, probably for the full length of the arch.3. When I’m jogging on the treadmill at gym, after about 15-20 mins, a really ‘strange’ sensation becomes evident in my feet, where my jogging shoes feel like all the support has collapsed in the middle of the shoe. Now clearly it hasn’t, because when I stop jogging the shoes feel fine again. This area of poor support (if that’s what it is) seems to be perhaps 40mm diameter in the region of the second & third metatarsal bones. Perhaps I could describe this strange feeling as a burning feeling.Your help would be much appreciated.
I think the Viscoped or Viscoped S may help.Kind regards, Dave.

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    Hi, I visited Lake Tahoe over the weekend, and about 4 days past I noticed that I have a minor pain from my knee to my toes once in a while, like pressure pain… Then I noticed that my left leg, from my knee till my toes was swollen? Do you know what might have happened. Could it be an infection or bite of some kind? Please advise….

      Vivian Abrams DPM

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      I would need to examine you before suggesting a diagnosis. I recommend you see a doctor.

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I use Viscopeds in my office frequently. They are good shock absorbers. Generally I have the patient walk in them a bit and if there is immediate improvement, then we go from there. Personally I do not care for the ones with the metatarsal pads. You might or might not. There are other prefabs that may be helpful, you really have to try one several and see if it feels right to your foot.


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