Getting Worse?

I just went for a re-exam at my chiropractor.
I’ve been seeing him three times a week for the past two months.
Well, the scan showed that I’m actually worse – where the scan had been red or white before, it’s now black. Do I keep going back? This seems odd to me.

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    No, don’t go back. Those scans are a complete joke and are totally unreliable. If you came in my office and I rubbed or pushed on your back or neck (whatever area I’m doing the scan) the scan will light up in the areas I pushed on and it would show a problem area that you really do not have. It would be easy for me to say “look here, see, you have a problem.” I have found that the doctors that use these devices typically are the ones that like to attempt to get patients to come in for long periods of treatment. They use the faulty scans to enforce their recommendations. Tell the doctor he made you worse; give him a dose of his own medicine. Tell him you are leaving and he should refund you money. Don’t give up on chiropractic, find another doctor who doesn’t use scans.


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