Gout Diagnosis

While my family dr. has already diagnosed my toe as gout, I’d like any other theories before I get a second opinion.
Here are the symptoms.
My foot rarely hurts when I do not have shoes on, however, when I wear shoes that press on the tops of my foot (or when I tie them tightly), I typically am in so much pain I am ready to scream.
Sometimes I can barely remove my show because of the excessive pain. Once I remove the shoe, I have no pain whatsoever.
This sounds contrary to the way gout usually works.
I never have bouts where it lasts for hours.
It hurts each and every time I put on certain pairs of shoes.
Does this sound like gout or not?

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    No it doesn’t sound like gout, but I really would need to evaluate you to give you a diagnosis. You did not mention if bloodwork was done either. I suggest you see a podiatrist. Good luck.


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