Groin Injury and I need Advice Please !!!

I’m a 39 year old female and in Sept. I was working on a step ladder and it collapsed. This resulted in pain in my abdomen and groin. My groin was so knotted that I was sent for a CT exam for a possiable femoral hernia. The hernia was ruled out. The abdomen pain has finally subsided and the groin pain still persists. The doctor won’t offer me anything but it takes time. I on my own wrap my upper thigh just to be able to tolerate working. It has improved some but I’m concerned about the fact that I’m still having a significant amount of pain. The doctor treats me like I’m just a whiner. I work a very physical job with heavy lifting and pulling skids and pallets. I have yet to call in because of my injury. I come home many days limping and at the point of tears and lay on a heating pad just to tolerate the pain. Any suggestions? Should I be seeking another opinion as to why I’m still having this much discomfort? Another question they told me that if I had torn muscles in my thigh and groin it would have shown on the CT exam but nothing was mentioned on the CT exam about negative or positive results of muscles in my thigh. Would they have looked at this while looking for the hernia? Thanks any suggestions appreciated. Mary

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