Groin injury for 10 months!!

About 10 months I kicked a football & felt a sharp pain in my groin area. I tried to play the match but it got progressively worse, until i couldnt kick the ball or run without severe pain. I rested for 2 weeks and it still hurt with most movements, so i consulted my doctor, in case it was a hernia. He believed it was an inflammed muscle and recommended rest. Ive been resting for nearly 10 months now, but i still feel that sharp movements or a certain amount of force will cause me pain.

It has improved over the 10 months; for example, the pain caused by pressing my knees together against force subsided after about 6 months, but 4 months on from that, & i still know i couldnt kick a ball at full power or compete in a tackle.

Are there any exercises/activities I could try that could speed up the recovery or indeed should I try something like jogging to strengthen the area? Any other info/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Yes. You can go to a physio to get some exercises to help remodel the scare tissue from the pull you gave it 10 months ago.

    See a PT and you should be able (if my suspicions about your injury are correct) to return to sport in a few weeks.

    Good Luck,


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