Groin pain

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I am dealing with a patient who has had groin pain on both sides for around 3 months.
He is getting pain from the stomach ,down threw his adductors . I started with a bit of iliopsoas massage to see if that helped and for the 1st week it seemed to but now the injury seems to have got worse . Obviously the iliopsoas is v painfull but now
all his adductors a painfull to touch and hard to work on as he is tensing up alot to try and prevent pain . Any ideas anyone
on what this could be ? or any other treatments apart from massage ?

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    More mysterious groin pain:

    The experiences of David and Andrew are similar to mine (ongoing) and I just wanted to cont the discussion. Any progress david?

    My groin started getting sore during football (american) last august. It recurred during off-season training in Nov / Dec. In Jan I stopped running and lifting, focused on stretching, walking and special rehab lifts. It is no better today than on Jan 1st. It burns or aches all day every day. Sometimes at the front of my hip, sometimes my inner thigh (all the way down to above the knee), sometimes wrapping around to my lower back. When it is intense, I cannot focus at work. I showed good strength and ROM during a PT and Dr. exam, but the condition never gets better, always gets worse (with exercise). I am getting depressed, and definitely desperate. Help!


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    The groin injury to both my legs happened 21 days ago. I was lifting my dance partner (husband) over my head during an acrobatic dance maneuver, when we lost momentum. I threw him over my head and my legs gave out. He weighs 170 and I weigh about 120.

    I tried accupuncture treatments two days afterward. It Worked! The pain almost completely went away. Accupuncture worked so well, that I didn’t feel any pain. HOWEVER, I never allowed the injury to heal fully. Appearantly I didn’t realize how bad my groin injury was because 2 days later, I messed it up again doing some simple partner dancing (Salsa) at a social dance event.

    A huge bruise the size of a football appeared on my inner left groin about a day later.

    I rested for five days (sat in bed), then started soft walking, and very soft stretches. I also attempted light swimming to keep my wind and flexibility up. I did this for a week.

    Now the pain is worse than when I initially got the injury. I can barely walk. I feel like my thighs are swollen, and sensitive to the touch. I tried accupuncture again last week, but it hasn’t worked. I will attempt it again next week, and see what happens. I am now bed-ridden.

    21 days later, and the pain is now worse. I can’t believe this. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!

    I will keep you posted of the accupuncture treatments, and my progress, but at $75 a session, there won’t be that many visits.

    My email is if you’re interested in corresponding with me.

    I’m praying for all of you to get well!
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    I have been having treatment for a similar condition. I was suffering from pain that was never in one place. Sometimes one side, sometimes the other, sometimes both. I had physio and the pain never went away. I eventually had a consultation, x-rays and a mri scan. I was found to be suffering from ostetis pubis (spelling?). This condition affected my symphisis between my pelis joint. The inflamtion affected the whole area. Ifound that by spending along time stretching out my groin/abductors the pain started to subside. The pain is still there on very very rare occasions, but nevr how it was 2 years ago. All i can recommend is plenty of strecthing and exercise. I spent about 30mins a day streching out.


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    Hi David
    Sorry for the delay in getting back but only just found out about your reply. The guy i was treating has now moved away so i have not seen him for a while but there was improvement when i did see him last . What i ended up doing was to concentrate on the adductors , lots of deep massage then followed by some MET stretches on them . This was the first sign of improvement that i got but then he moved so never got to find out the full results


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    I am suffering similar symptoms so wondered whether you might have been able to help your patient and work out what is wrong?
    My problems started 3 years ago when i thought I had strained my groin when running. The pain has never gone away and has “spread” into my quads, hip and the lower part of my stomach. It can be intermittent and doesn’t always hurt during exercise but only afterwards. My quads are really weak now and the pain seems to move around. I have been checked for a hernia but apparently don’t have one. The pain varies from sharp pain right in my groin to a duller ache elsewhere. Any ideas you might have would be most welcome – I am desperate!


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