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For the past few years I have had pain that comes and go’s especially when I put lot of pressure in the the groinal area. The pain was suddenly very severe this last year in basketball. Making It so if after a little while of running I would have to limp or sit down because of the pain mainly in my right crotch/pubic area. My doctor said it might be symptoms for a hernia but I think it’s a muscle strain. After a little while it went away but occasionally it keeps coming back making it hard to fully be envolved in basketball. Do you know of any exercises I could do to restrengthen it or do you have a different opinion. Thanks


    May PT

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    If you doc “thinks” it’s a hernia what did he say to do about it? Sometimes folks have pain in that area when they have hip problems. Maybe you should either go back or get a second opinion and get a concrete diagnosis.

    Pallavi Jain, PT

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    I think your groin pain may be frelated to either a) pube dysfnctionb) adductor strain which may be the cause of either imbalances in lower extrimity muscles or leg length deficiency. I would suggest you to see a physical therapist for a thorough Spinal and lower extremity evaluation. I recently had a patient with groin and inner thigh tightness. The cause of tightness was a shorter leg length on the opposite side. A heel lift on the shorter side corrected the imbalance and tightness was resolved within less than a week of using heel lift.Pallavi JainPhysical therapist.


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