Groin pain for 7 weeks

i have had pain in the innner part of my groin for quite a while. i have trouble sprinting, changing direciton with that leg. i have also had pain in the very upper region of my hamstring were my hamstring meets my buttocks. my trainer says that i just strained my adductor muscle and it will tak 3-5 weeks to recover, but it has been 7 weeks and the pain has still not gone away. does anyone think i could have done something other than strained my adductor muscle? thanks

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    Hi – sorry to hear its taken longer than expected!! Chances are you’ve got a twist in your S-I related to your injury. This Could have been an adductor strain, but also Lower back, QL (twisting Muscle, Hips, Illiopsoas and more…..sorry!! Chances are that because you play soccer you also had a hip related problem (possibly Periformis?) that is causing a slight twist, and keeping your muscles taut so the adductor never relaxes to heal properly. Test your self.. look on this web site and try out the Periformis stretches for youself, also try the Hurdles stretch and the figure of 4….if there is tightness in the back and stiffness in one hip …voila (but you will need to see a physical / sports therapist that can manipulate joints, massage and give you a rehab programme. Be Patient and dont be afraid to stretch…Good luck.


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