Groin Strain

Can anybody out there help me???
I have had a groin strain for 9 months, had plenty of physio, taken his advice by the letter and still nothing.
The pain has gone but there is just no power and if i was to try a sprint or to kick a ball, it would be very painfull.
I have heard that accupuncture may work and that there is an operation which could treat the injury. Anyone got any info on this???

Iain Nicholl

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    A groin strain can be very tough to deal with. As a chiropractic Sports Physician, I wouldnt necessarily recommend acupuncture yet. The adductor group (groin) attatches to your pelvis. Anytime you have a chronic problem with a muscle that attaches to the pelvis, your mechanics (or how your pelvis moves and functions) can be disrupted. This in turn puts stress on all the muscles that attach to the pelvis. My groin injury patients are put on a strict regiment of pelvis manipulations to correct any mechanical dysfunctions and a serious core strengthening program. Strengthening the abdominal, back, hip flexors and glutes. Many times its not that the groin that is without power but that all of core muscle groups arent working well as a whole.


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