Groin/Hip Flexor

About 6 months ago I pulled a muscle in what I though was my hip flexor. The pain has kept me from sleeping sound through the night. I pulled it playing soccer and in order for me to play again really have to warm up and stretch out quite a bit to keep it from hurting. After I am warm it doesn’t seem to bother me. However, when my body and muscles cool back down the injured area tightens back up to become very painful to use. I am wondering what I should do. Its been too long with this and I want to play again. What sort of therapy should I do?

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    i have the same roblem as nate I was playing foot ball when I was hit from the side and pulled something right under my hip bone. it hurt like crazy about two days ever since thatwas about a year ago when it happened I was wondering if (besides stretching)ther was any other treatment for my condition. Thanks sincerly, Quinn Hudson


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