groin/hip/ab strain

A few years ago I had an abdomen strain from bench pressing and so I quite intensively lifting weights, especially with my stomach.
It got better eventually and so last year I started lifting again on an incline press with my ab muscles.
I also began playing soccer much more frequently and competitively.
In August, I got what seemed to be another ab strain and I laid off the ab excercises.
In combo with this, Starting the previous winter, what seemed to be my hip flexors seemed to be strained while I played soccer.
I started playing only once a week, but they were and continue to be sore when I play.
I cannot do any serious lifting with my ab muscles now and get sore when I play soccer. Are there any stretches that I can do.
The different doctors that I have gone to say that it is not a hernia but perhaps a groin strain. Can you tell me where I can figure out how to stretch these areas or to rehabilitate an ab/hip/groin muslce?

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    if you can find a therapist who does pressure point massage they should be able to help with the hip flexor strain….the hip flexor which is the psoas and illacus called illosposas is a very deep muscle and hard to stretch on our own….forward flexion causes it to contract… probablly have trouble going from a sitting to stadning postion? good hip flexor strechwould be to stand in a lunge putting affected side back and tuck under your pelvis strecthing the front of your hip …….also if ;you can lay supine on a couch or bed and drop affected leg off the couch/bed and let it hang it will stretch the hip flexor


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