Groin (?) injury

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I am an ultimate frisbee player. During our last tournament, my groin began hurting. First just some discomfort, then some twinging, and at the end of the day, pretty significant pain.
Today (the day after) it hurts a lot just to walk.
The pain comes when I try to lift my right leg as part of a stride (walking or running).
There is no clicking or grinding.I’m wondering about treatment for this kind of injury.
Should I ice? Take ibuprofin? Do specific stretches? Any information would be much appreciated.



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    The pain seems to be in the iliopsoas. It’s high on my leg and not very far to the inside.

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    If it has been at least several days since the last time you aggrivated your groin strain, you can safely use moist heat: I would recommend warm tub soaks above anything else. Try soaking 3-4 times daily (20 minutes each time), followed by some light stretching. You might also want to stay on the Advil for another week or so. If, after using the warm soaks, stretching, and Advil for one week, you are not improved, you need to be seen by a medical professional. If you are a college student, do you have access to the school’s Certified Athletic Trainers? If not, then maybe you could get evaluated by your school’s Student Health Department, and save some time and money. Please let us know how you make out.


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