Groin / Pelvic Pain

I have been suffering from what I thought is a groin strain for the last few months from playing football. When the injury first occured I could hardley walk the next morning with pain in both groins and my pelvis and pubic area. I would wake most mornings and find it a little painful to pass water. After a few weeks of rest a lot of the symptoms had gone and I only found pain when force was applied to either groin muscle a) in a squeezing motion when resistance was applied pushing one kne towards the other and B) when in the anatomical standing position applying any form of resistance pushing the legs apart.Most of the pain has now subsided apart from sharp pains in my right groin towards my pelvic area where the orogin or insertion of the muscle is. This sometimes shoots towards the back of my undercarrige when changing direction fast or moving sharply. I have rested for along time and wondered if you had any sugestions or better diagnosis. cheers

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    May PT

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    Difficult to diagnosis your via the internet. You need to see a doctor that can be hands on and take x-rays. Could be more than just a muscle strain. Get it checked out. Good luck, Mya


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