Growth Plate Injuries

Hi there.
Would you know if a 20yo has a chance of injuring the growth plate in his ankle?
I was sitting on the back of a delivery truck and jumped down – a distance of 1-2 feet – and hurt my ankle this afternoon.
I believe my ankle is sprained but I know men can grow into their twenties and my mom said my symptoms (swelling, cause of injury, pain, etc) sounds just like when she separated her growth plate as a 14yo girl.
My ankle only hurts when I walk on it.
It does not hurt when I stand on it.
Thanks for your help. Chris

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    You don’t grow much after 20 and if you did in fact fracture your growth plate it would not make that much of a difference. If you were 11 – 16 year old then you would have a problem. It sound like you just have a bad sprain. If in doubt go to a doc and get an x-ray.


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