Haglund’s Deformity

My 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed as having this condition. She never complained before and it seems to be associated with wearing footwear for sports.
There are a few questions I have. If this is a permanent and chronic condition, why not get the bone growth surgically removed rather than mess with inserts and such for the rest of her life? Next, do you know if this condition is associated with any other syndromes? Are people who are prone to this, prone to any other conditions we could watch out for?
Thank you.

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    Hi, I’ve had Hagland’s for about 4 years or so and have had 4 different operations to have them removed. Had both feet done 1 year and within a year they grew back again. By the time I had surgery again they were bigger then original and on both sides of heel. The second time done he went more aggresive and concaved the bone, so it would take longer to grow back. Well after a few weeks back to work my achillis tendon ripped out of my heel,taking bone fragments with it. The tendon retracted 4cm up my leg. They had to put 5 anchor bolts in to hold it there and now I am in a cast. I was told by another surgeon that previous Hanglands surgery was a factor and the other heel tendon could do the same. Anyway, my advice is to try to deal with pain using orthodics, stretching and ACCUPUNTURE. I definitely don’t recommend surgery, cause that is just opening up another can of worms.. Good Luck, Wayne…


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