Haglund’s Deformity

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On May 10th 2015 my 13 year old son had surgery on his right heal to correct Haglund’s deformity.
After being in a hard cast for 2 months he resumed some activity, but was still in considerable pain.
His doctor told him to stop all activities and put him in a walking cast in an attempt to take reduce the inflammation and take down the swelling.
It is now mid-November and he is wearing a normal shoe with an elastic brace.
The doctor has given him two shots in attempt to break up the scar tissue, but he is still having a lot tenderness on the scar.
Can you please tell me what is the normal recovery time for this kind of operation and are there other treatment methods that might speeed his recovery?
He is normally a very active boy.
He has already missed the baseball, golf and football seasons, as well as half the hockey season.
The inactivity is very tought for him to accept.
Thanks for your consideration.Gary

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It really depends on the exact procedure that was performed. Has he seen a physical therapist?


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      No he hasn’t. A couple of days ago he tried walking on a treadmill and he said the tendon burned. I suspect that this might be from lack of use and he might need to rehabilitate the tendon?What would you suggest for next steps? Thank you.


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