haglunds deformity and chronic achilles tendonites

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I have been suffering from chronic achilles tendonites for about one year and I have a bump on my right heel. I have tried laser treatments, vinegar treatments, ultra sound and massages but recently I have been taking calcium with vital minerals, viamin C, Glucosimine sulphate with chlorontine and MSM and I am feeling better. I have an appointent with orthopedic surgeon on Sept.2, and she will tell me if I need surgery or not.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing an x-ray I can not say if the bump on the back of your heel is a Haglund’s deformity or a posterior heel spur-The full name of that is Achilles Insertional Calcific Tendinosis (AICT). The decision to have a surgery should rest with the patient. I never tell the patient they must have an elective surgery. I also do not do surgery for just cosmetic reasons. So if you are not hurting then you might think about waiting.


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    I am a letter carrier that walks all day long and the pain on my heel is getting worse and the bump on my heel is gettting larger is there any exercises or treatments for this without surgery


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