Hammer toe

I think I have a hammer toe on my second toe on my right foot only. This toe was curled like this since 3rd grade im guessing and now I am 23 years old. The tendons of the toe seem short preventing extension. Also there seems to be a built up in cartilage or bone at the joint before the toenail which makes the toe curled adding to the inability to extend the toe.
The toe does not cause any pain. Its just that when I play basketball or run, blisters would sometimes build up at the tip of the toe.
Will I most likely need surgery to fix this problem since this toe has been curled for over 10 years or will other techniques fix this such as stretching and straps.-chris

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Surgery is elective. If you have constant pain, then one can consider it. As far as straps etc. I have never seen this work in an adult as the structures are already formed.


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